Ludum Dare 34 games made here at Tech Valley Game Space

We’re at it again for the 34th Ludum Dare online game jam, a marathon of making a game within 48-hours solo, or 72-hours in a team. For our fourth real-world meeting, we’ve produced a record-breaking 8 original games! This Ludum Dare had two themes — “Growing” and “Two Button Controls” — and we’re excited to present the results:

become a game developer in 60 seconds

Having decided that 48 hours is far too long to create a game, the game creation process has been optimized to a mere 60 seconds of pressing only 1 and 0.

Create art. Make design decisions. Tweak sounds. When you’re ready, test it. Share the game you made with your friends and enemies by sending them your generated custom URL. Make your own micro ldjam.


What happens when you enter the valley with the mask garden?

The Regrowth of Layeon

The Regrowth of Layeon is a text adventure made 100% in java, and includes absolutely NO outside materials or libraries. Everything was made with Gimp, Java, and Netbeans.

Decider in Chief

You are the President of the United States of America, but are you “Decider in Chief”?

This game is played by choosing from only 2 options at a time!
It is a “choose your own adventure” style of game.

No Birds In This Game

Game was made for the theme “2 button controls” and “grow”, but the growing part is kind of a stretch. You control an ant with a sweet tooth. Each level the goal is to collect the candy by selecting which command to perform.

The only two keys to play this game is ‘left’ and ‘right’…not ‘a’ and ‘d’, because that would make it 4 controls wouldn’t it?

Continental Breakfast

Space Sim


Biome is a turn-based strategy game for two players based on Conway’s Game of Life.

The game is played on a grid with empty spaces (white tiles) and blooming spaces (green tiles). Each player controls a set of geomancers (red/blue circles) that can manipulate the terrain around them.

If a geomancer is standing on a tile when it blooms, the geomancer goes “KABLOOM!” and is removed from the game. You win by eliminating all of your opponent’s geomancers.

Is your friend over-powering you in any FPS game? No worries! is a 2-player FPS that let’s you disable up to two button inputs from your opposing player! Keep your friend from moving forward, take away their ability to jump, and shoot your way to victory

Image by Will Blanton

Ludum Dare 33 games made here at Tech Valley Game Space

Howdy! Apologize for the late post, but two weekend ago, we’ve had an amazing time creating games within the 48 or 72 hour time frame for the Ludum Dare online game jam. This Ludum Dare’s theme was, “You Are The Monster,” and we’re excited to present the results:

Moon Witch

A side Scrolling Shooter starring a witch.

Fly On The Wall

2-Player Puzzle Game. One player is the Scientist, the other player is the Fly. Entering different teleporters at the same time will combine DNA and give special abilities. The objective is to enter the same teleporter together to become normal again.

Huntingman Championship

A sport about killing the highest weight of animals!

This game is a top down, single screen arena, where the player moves around the environment looking for animals to kill. The animals will have AI that makes them run away from contact and the direction of damage. Animals will not always die from one hit, and there will be gore and real sounds to make the experience horrifying. The player must drag the bodies back to the house by hand, and will move slower depending on the weight of the bodies. Some weapons will cause the animal to lose weight from overkill. Better weapons can be found in the Shoppee. Are you a monster?


A quick 5 minute or less game. Even quicker if you don’t like it.

“You are the monster”! All you need to do is hit space and watch it unfold.

There is a secret revealed when you complete the game, so spend those 10 minutes unlocking everything because frankly, it’s worth it.
(There’s been a lot of people stating they can’t figure out the secret… Think of konami, and if you still can’t get it googling “Konami” and “secret codes” should get you there 😉 )

Can I Haz Monsters?

As a traveller in a foreign land, you must learn the language of these strange creatures to let them help you make your way through. Find all the alien words and talk to everyone you meet, and you could unlock the power of the monsters!

Ludum Dare 32 games made here at Tech Valley Game Space

Hello, everyone. Last weekend, we’ve had an amazing time creating games within the 48 or 72 hour time frame for the Ludum Dare online game jam. This time, games were created around the theme, “Unconventional Weapon,” and we’re excited to present the results:

Jammie Dodger

A basic shmup with a twist: all of your ship’s movement is performed by firing your weapon.

As the pilot of the Jammie Dodger, your mission is to guide your tiny ship along the two different-colored tracks to avoid being hit by flying asteroids.

How long can you survive?

My Voice is My Weapon

Use the power of protest to convert citizens to your cause, while avoiding getting busted! Current locations from the Capital District of New York State. This is my first game ever.

Star Power

In “Star Power,” You play as the leader of a party of three adventurers exploring a goblin filled dungeon

Your party consists of:

EDRIC, THE ORANGE PALADIN who fights with his sword
Edric is also impervious to hammers.

LANA, THE PURPLE ROGUE who fights with her shurikens
Lana is also impevious to arrows

ERIYAL, THE BLUE MAGE who fights with her electric magic.
Eriyal is also impervious to axes.

How does fighting with ratings work? Like this:

At the start of your turn, you may apply ratings to your party and to the enemies they face. When you hit “CONFIRM,” the following things will happen:

-enemies will attack first. They will attack with the weapon that you gave them the highest rating on, because that is the weapon they will feel most confident with. They will deal damage equal to their rating on that weapon. Enemies also target the lowest rated members of your party, because they appear the most vulnerable.

-players will attack second. Players will also target enemies with the lowest total star rating, and deal damage equal to their player rating.

-Finally, enemies will receive bonuses to any weapons that you rated with only one star. Receiving such a low rating makes them self-conscious, and motivates them to train more and increase their skill with that weapon. The bonus gets factored into their damage and their rating with the weapon when choosing how to attack.


You control the heroic main ship. Every hit you take from the enemies brings you closer to destruction… but also makes you stronger. Coming in contact with enemies and their weapons forces your ship to adapt and become more powerful.

Unconventional Stick Swinging Simulator

Ever wanted to swing a stick unconventionally? Now you can!

Experience the true art of swinging your really-long stick. Work hard to make it longer!

Star Driller Ultra

Drill through space and destroy your enemies to claim yourself as the king of the galaxy! Star Driller Ultra is a Star Fox-inspired space combat game where your play as a neon-colored drill to obliterate evil space ships.


Tech Valley Game Space Diversity Incubator

Hey, guys! We could use your help! Our submission for the Albany Startup Grant, the Tech Valley Game Space Diversity Incubator, will help us promote and assist minorities into learning how to make games, and more importantly, start new games and possibly more game studios. The deadline is tomorrow, April 10th, so we please vote for us in the survey below!

We’ll be at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2015!

Hello, everyone. Two of us Space Cadets will be roaming around in the Game Developers Conference this year at the Moscone Center in San Francisco between March 2nd and March 6th. If you happen to find us, say hi! The participants are Terence Tolman (left) and Taro Omiya (right).