Lesson Night Remastered: Crash Course Introduction to Unity (September 19th, 6:30pm)

Presenter: Taro Omiya

Our next monthly game-creating tutorial will return with the basics: an introductory tutorial on Unity. This will be a hand-on course, so please come in with your laptop with Unity installed! We’ll be making a simple 3D first-person perspective game that will cover the following topics:

• Importing pre-made assets
• Creating objects with super-fun physics
• Using images to add visually-pleasing patterns to your objects
• Learn what the heck materials are, and how to make your game look realistic (or shiny)
• How to manipulate the sun with lighting
• Adding sound effects
• Get a quick introduction on scripting

Note: please download Unity version 2018.1 or higher. Once finished, open Unity, login, then switch to your favorite web browser and navigate to the link below. Click the button, “Add to My Assets” to download the assets to your computer.

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Social Night: Game Jam Games Bonanza (September 12th, 6:30 PM)

It’s social night again and let’s celebrate with board games, card games, social games, and of course, video games! Time to get together, gather ’round some games, and get social! Feel free to bring in some of your own games, too!

Got a project to show off? Bring it in, and let’s play it! Want to bring your own VR? Everyone and every gaming news item, project, idea, and gadget are welcome!

RSVP at the links below!

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[IGDA Albany] The Pragmatism of Inclusivity: Social Justice in the Gaming Industry (September 5th, 7:00 PM)

IGDA Albany usually has a professional talk every 1st Wednesday of the month. This month, Muse en Lystrala will present “The Pragmatism of Inclusivity: Social Justice in the Gaming Industry.”.

The talk will begin at 7 pm; feel free to come in as early as 6 or stay until 9 if you’d like to mingle.

Talk Details

In this frank and open talk, gamer and musician Muse en Lystrala focuses not on the moral considerations of social justice, but the practicality of its inclusion in the gaming industry. Relaying industry statistics and both personal anecdotes and others’ stories of successes and failures relating to the paradigm of social justice, Muse illustrates how the pragmatism of inclusivity has benefited both individuals and companies – and how it can positively transform and expand the gaming industry.

About the Speaker

Muse en Lystrala is a musician, writer, artist, and humanities scholar. She is the director of classical ensemble Geek Musica – an ensemble specializing in the performance of video game and film music – for which she arranges works and performs on voice, viola, and percussion. Earlier this year, she began composing for video games. She is the progenitor of darkwave/EBM project Sirenne and the lead singer and programmer of symphonic metal band Crown of Melusine. Muse teaches music and acrylic painting, and undertakes regular modeling work for several local art classes. Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, she resides in Albany with three cats, many musical instruments, and far too many tubes of paint.

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The Arts Center of the Capital Region

Interactive Showcase @ Troy Night Out (August 31st, 5:00pm)

Our monthly Troy Night Out with The Arts Center continues with an exhibition of locally created games. Macs and PCs will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The showcase is free and open to everyone, and we welcome you to show off games that are in any state of completion. So bring along your project for some playtesting and feedback, or just stop by and join in the fun!

If you have any questions about the showcase, feel free to send a message to info@techvalleygamespace.com.

RSVP at the links below!

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Ludum Dare 42 games made here at Tech Valley Game Space

It was an exhausting, 72-hour long journey, but we’ve returned from Ludum Dare 42 successfully, Space Cadets! The theme this time was, “running out of space,” where each team took a very different perspective on. Here are the latest games created in the capital region of New York from this game jam:

Open Spaces

Agoraphobia is the abnormal fear of being in crowds, public places, or open areas, sometimes accompanied by anxiety attacks. This is a visual novel designed to create awareness for this form, and other forms, of anxiety and depressive disorders. Your character decides how to interact with other characters, who either show you support or impatience. If you make decisions to isolate yourself, or let the negative thoughts take you, the dark mass of “Fear” creeps further and further into your mind. There are many ways to combat anxiety, and there is no single solution for everyone, but seeking support is always a good first step. This is the first game I have written and designed and it could not have been completed without the incredible talent of the members of Tech Valley Game Space in Troy, New York.

Trigger Warning: This game includes depictions of anxiety through audio and visual elements which may be difficult for some.

Thinning the Herd

Human overpopulation is becoming a major problem, time for nature to thin out our numbers. Click any part of the world to call forth natural disasters and monstrous creatures to bring down the human population as it continues to go up. All art and audio is original.

Hachi Block

Hachi Block is a combo-focused Tetris-based puzzle game! Score high by dragging blocks into a grid and creating a three-in-a-row horizontal or vertical block formation. Stay alert, however; don’t let the blocks rise to the top of the screen!

Ludum Dare 42 (August 10th, 5:30 PM)

The time has come…to make games for the 42nd tri-annual online game jam, Ludum Dare!

No experience in making games necessary! This is just a fun challenge for all of us, and often serves as an educational moment to learn how to work with deadlines. We will be going through game idea brainstorming and team building exercises to help you jump start your way to making games!

Join in as you make a game in 72 hours with a team, or if you want to go hard-mode, 48 hours solo! Meet up with other rapid game developers! Eat a lot of junk food! And most important of all, have fun!

RSVP at the links below!

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P.S. For parking, the Uncle Sams parking garage — which is only one block away from our office — is free during weekends and after 6:00 PM on the weekdays. We highly recommend parking there.
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TVGS Community Night (August 22nd, 6:30pm)

Community Updates (TVGS members)

  •  A presentation on what’s happening in the local area.
  •  Any recent updates regarding TVGS.

Orbit Updates

Each Orbit Group will have a chance to discuss what has been happening with their group, what will be happening and anything else they have to say.

Coordinator Talks 

Each Coordinator will have a chance to update the community on what is going in their respective area.


Title: Construct 3 Bugs!
Presenter: Frederika Edgington-Giordano

Come and learn how Construct 3 compares to Construct 2, along with some bugs that I have encountered while teaching it to students at TVGS.

Show and Tell (YOU!)

  • Project updates! (Tell everyone about your current project, what you’ve learned, what’s new, and where you’re going!)
  • Time dedicated to serving the community at large! (Do you want to present a game idea for feedback? Need people to help out on it? Need some brainstorming to help flesh it out? Have some concept art to show?)

Have a Ludum Dare game? bring it down and tell us about it!



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Game Club: We Love Katamari (Hosted by Taro) Aug 16th, 7:30PM

We’ve made some major changes to how we run Game Club! Check out all the details here!

Get ready, space cadets, because our next monthly Game Club is starting! Game club is a monthly group discussion on a game chosen by a selected host. Our next host is Taro, and his selection is:

We Love Katamari
Genre: Third-person puzzle-action
Developer: Namco

The King of All Cosmos grew to stardom after taking all of the Prince’s Katamaris and replacing the stars. His fans knew no bounds and wished to see more Katamaris fill the sky. The king of all Cosmos desired to appease all of their requests and recruited the Prince and his cousins to help.

The discussion will take place on August 16th. As usual, this selection is meant to be played before the time of the meeting. A few hours should be enough

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Social Night: Ice Cream Potluck! (August 8th, 6:30 PM)

It’s social night again and let’s celebrate with board games, card games, social games, and of course, video games! Time to get together, gather ’round some games, and get social! Feel free to bring in some of your own games and ice cream, too!

Got a project to show off? Bring it in, and let’s play it! Want to bring your own VR? Everyone and every gaming news item, project, idea, and gadget are welcome!

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Volunteer Space Cadets

Coordinator Election for August 2018

TVGS Volunteer Coordinator Sign Up

TVGS is looking for volunteers to fill seven key Coordinator roles! Please consult this info document for details about each role: Coordinator Info

The volunteer sign up document will remain open until Wednesday, August 15th. If you volunteer, you will be expected to attend this Coordinator selection meeting on Wednesday, August 29th. The group of Coordinators will be chosen at this meeting, and will serve a term of 3 months.

Volunteer here: Sign Up