What is #include?


#include is a series of diversity-focused creative events hosted by Tech Valley Game Space that are intended to support aspiring game makers in the Capital Region. The #include project consists of themed classes and “game jams” oriented toward groups that continue to be underrepresented within the larger game development community. The goal of #include is to demystify the process of digital game creation and make it more accessible and welcoming for newcomers.

At TVGS, we believe that a more diverse and nurturing game development community is also a more sustainable one. There is a vital need for new voices within the game development space, and our mission is to help address that need. How do we do this? By providing support and mentorship for creative people that are interested in developing new artistic and technical skills, and then encouraging them to reinvest those skills back into the local community. We hope you’ll join us for a future #include event, and take the opportunity to make a game of your own!

#include Black History Month Game Jam at RPI!
We are excited to announce our next #include Game Jam! Come make a game celebrating African-American contributions to history and culture! Work in team or on your own, even if you’ve never made a game before. We will provide computers, access to software, and instruction in how to create different types of games. Click here to register!

Mentors Wanted!
If you are a local game developer or someone with experience in a related field (programmer, artist, designer, musician, etc.) and you have a few hours that you’d be willing to contribute toward volunteering as a mentor during a future #include event, please volunteer using the mentor sign up sheet in order to let us know you’re interested. Once you have signed up using the online form, we will get in contact with you to provide further details on how you can get involved with our upcoming diversity events.


Past #include events:

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